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We have a new feature on our website. We will be posting a link to the Administrator's Board updates.  Click on the link below to see the information that was sent to the Board members by Administrator Roxy Traxler.
June 11/14, 2018 County Board Update
County Updates press release February 2018

Sibley County's Facebook page
We welcome your participation in our Facebook page.
In the spirit of community, please use the following guidelines and refrain from posting material that is:
• Profanity or Hate Speech
• Advertisements or Solicitation
• Deceptive or Misleading...
• Suggestive Content or Nudity
In these cases, we reserve the right to hide or delete your Post(s) and/or Comment(s).
Thank you.
Sibley County has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on its social networking pages. However, several factors that are beyond the County's control (including unauthorized modification of electronic data, transmission errors, browser incompatibilities, information that has been cached on the local computer or storage device, or other aspects of electronic communication) can affect the quality of the information displayed on this site. For that reason, the County does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on its social networking sites and is not liable for reliance on this information.

Sibley County Daycare Providers

Economic Impact of the Child Care shortage

Child Care Town Hall Presentation

Make sure to check out the Things To Do section of the Sibley County website to see events happening in Sibley County.


Interactive Parcel Viewer
Sibley County now has an interactive parcel viewer for members of the public to access.  Once you are in the viewer, zoom in to see the county's red parcel lines, or use the search bar to zoom to a location.  Click on a parcel to see information about that parcel.

Sibley County Interactive Parcel Viewer

June 18 2018 Sibley County Board of Appeal and Equalization
2018 Assessment
June 18 2018 The Sibley County Historical Society is requesting proposals to complete an inventory of their three-dimensional items.  Proposals are due by July 9th. Read More...
June 13 2018 Septic System Improvement Grants
April 24 2018 Election Judges Needed
sibley logo color
March 28 2018 The genealogy room in the Sibley County Recorder's Office will be closed immediately due to construction at the Courthouse. Read More...
January 07 2018

Flu Prevention Steps

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