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Who is my appraiser?

Who is my appraiser?

The law requires physical inspection of all property atleast once every five years for property tax purposes. 
Look below to see which appraiser appraises your property. If you should have any questions concerning the valuation of your property, a phone number is included with each appraiser's name. This is a business phone and can be used to contact an appraiser Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  If you are unable to contact us during normal business hours, you are welcome to leave a message on voicemail.
The staff appraisers employed by the County Assessor are professionals. Stringent training and experience requirements are set by the State Board of Assessors, which governs and administers the licensure of Ad-Valorem property appraisers.
Laura Hacker, County Assessor, SAMA 

All Commercial & Exempt Property 
(Oversees all Residential and Agricultural Jurisdictions)

Phone: (507) 237-4075
E-Mail: LauraW@co.sibley.mn.us

Gina Sievert, Appraiser 1, AMA

Arlington City
Gaylord City
Green Isle City
Henderson City
Winthrop City

Phone: (507) 237-4145
E-Mail: GinaS@co.sibley.mn.us

Kelly Rose, Appraiser 1, CMA 

Alfsborg Township
Bismark Township
Cornish Township
Grafton Township
Transit Township
Severance Township
Gibbon City

Phone: (507) 237-4317
E-Mail: KellyRose@co.sibley.mn.us

Kelly Raddatz, CMA

Arlington Township
Faxon Township
Green Isle Township
Henderson Township
Jessenland Township
Kelso Township
New Auburn Township
Sibley Township
Washington Lake Township

Phone: (507) 237-4076
E-Mail: KellyR@co.sibley.mn.us
Local Assessors (Contact the Assessor's Office)

Greg Kiecker - Moltke Township
Kelly Rose -Dryden Township
Gina Sievert-New Auburn City
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