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Arlington commercial properties available:

Map of available sites in Arlington

108 NW 5th Avenue, Arlington

407 NE 4th Avenue, Arlington

Highway 5 Commercial Properties, Arlington 

Industrial Lots - Arlington EDA Industrial Park 

104 1st Avenue N, Arlington 

512 2nd Avenue NW, Arlington 

307 5th Avenue NW, Arlington 

Gaylord commercial properties available:

233 4th Street, Gaylord

516 Main Avenue, Gaylord

3rd Street SE and Railroad Avenue, Gaylord - Shovel Ready Site

230 Jefferson Avenue East, Gaylord

119 4th Street, Gaylord

212 3rd Street, Gaylord

810 Main Ave. East, Gaylord

South of Lincoln Ave. East of City Land    http://melroproperties.com/

Gibbon commercial properties available:

640 E 11th Street, Gibbon

1043 1st Avenue, Gibbon

1048 1st Avenue, Gibbon

1049 1st Avenue, Gibbon

1021 1st Avenue, Gibbon

Green Isle commercial properties available:

Green Isle Commercial Lots Policy

West Church Street, Green Isle

HWY 5 and 2nd Street, Green Isle

New Auburn commercial properties available:

7th Avenue, New Auburn

6372 6th Avenue, New Auburn

7292 & 8299 3rd Street, New Auburn

Winthrop properties available:

Winthrop Land Inventory - 23 different parcels; contact Winthrop EDA Director Mark Erickson at 507-240-1130 for more information on parcels owned by the City or EDA. 

313 N Redwood Street, Winthrop

E Grant Street, Winthrop

301 West 2nd Street, Winthrop

To see all shovel ready sites available in Sibley County click here.
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