Special Programs

Tax Reduction or Credit Programs

There are numerous special programs that affect the amount of property taxes certain properties pay. They may reduce the values used to calculate taxes or they may actually be credits or refunds of property taxes paid. Each has its own set of requirements and most require an application to be completed. Please review the information below and contact us at (507) 237-4078 if you have any questions or believe you may qualify for a special program.

Property Tax Refund Program (PTR)

The PTR is a statewide program where certain taxpayers are eligible for a refund of some of their property taxes based on their household income and the amount of taxes they paid. Visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s website for an application and more information.

Market Value Exclusion for Disabled Veterans, Primary Family Caregivers & Surviving Spouses

This program provides a market value exclusion for property tax purposes for the homestead property of qualifying veterans and surviving spouses or primary family caregivers of qualifying veterans. Get more information here or call Lisa Klenk at 507-237-4090 or 1-888-VET-LINK. 100% Total and Permanent Application70% or More Application | Spouse's Application | Caregiver Application

Class 1b Blind / Disabled Homestead

This special homestead classification provides a reduced class rate for homestead property of any person who qualifies as blind* or as permanently and totally disabled**. Get more information here. |  Application

*Attach a copy of a signed and approved letter from your eye doctor stating you are legally blind.

**Attach a letter from a qualified agency certifying that you are totally and permanently disabled and receive disability payments.

Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral

This program may help qualifying seniors who are having difficulty paying their property taxes by limiting property taxes to 3% of income. The state provides a loan for the difference. There are age and income requirements, among others. Get more information here. | Application

Green Acres (Minnesota Agricultural Property Tax Law)

This program provides property tax relief for owners of agricultural property in areas where the market value of land is being affected by development pressure, sales of recreational land, or other nonagricultural factors. Get more information here. |Application

Rural Preserve Property Tax Program

This program provides property tax relief for qualifying owners of rural vacant land in areas where the market value of the land is being affected by development pressure, sales of recreational land, or other factors. Get more information here. | Application

Class 2c Managed Forest Land

This property classification provides a reduced class rate of 0.65% to forested property that is subject to a current forest management (stewardship) plan and that meets other requirements. Get more information. | Application

Special Agricultural Homestead

Special Agricultural Homestead (Special Ag) is an annual application that must be returned to the Assessor's office by December 15 of each year to continue or enact your homestead benefit for the next payable tax year. The applications are available by writing, e-mailing, calling, or visiting the county assessor’s office.

Special Ag extends homestead treatment to a property owner who does not live on the farm but actively farms the land or who has a spouse, a sibling, child, grandchild, or parent who actively farms the land. This homestead provision also allows property held under a trust and property owned or leased by an authorized farm entity and farmed by one of its members to receive a special agricultural homestead if some additional requirements are met.

Property Exemption Applications

Purely Public Charity
Nursing Homes and Boarding Care Homes
Pollution Control Properties

4c(3)(i) - Non-Profit Community Service
4c(3)(ii) - Non-Profit Community Service
4c(3)(ii) - Schedule C Addendum

If you believe you may qualify for any of these programs or have questions - please call us at (507) 237-4078.