Septic Permit process . . .

1 - Contact a licensed designer to design your system.

2 - Bring complete design, with a completed COC/Design Summary Sheet/As-Built Certificate to Sibley County Property Assessing and Zoning, 400 Court Ave, Gaylord, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday or email to

  • Design must show 3 soil pits or borings for both the main site and alternate site (if new house construction)
  • Both sites to be protected per ordinance

3 - Property Assessing and Zoning will complete an Application for Permit to Install Sewage Treatment System.

4 - Pay appropriate fee:

  • Type 1 (Mound, Trench, Upgraded Systems): $400.00
  • Type 2 (Holding Tank with O/P): $400.00
  • Type 3 (Disturbed Soil w/OP, etc.): $400.00
  • Type 4 (requires an O/P): $660.00
  • Type 5 (engineered system): $660.00 minimum, plus additional fee for systems greater than 750 GPD
  • County supplied Service Provider: $200.00
  • Owner Install Surchage in Addition to the Sewer Permit Fee: $300.00

5 - The application and design will be reviewed by the Sibley County Septic Inspector.

6 - An onsite permit and design will be issued by Sibley County upon approval of the design by the Sibley County Septic Inspector.

  • A Land Use Permit will NOT be issued until septic design is approved by the Sibley County Septic Inspector.

7 - Upon approval of design and completion of soil verifications, owner hires a licensed installer.

8 - Soil Verifications should be scheduled for Wednesday or by appointment.  Contact Septic Inspector at (320) 234-7222 or (888) 495-6673.  Inspections require 24 hour notice.

9 - Installer must contact Sibley County's Septic Inspector for an inspection when system is ready. There should be a 24-hour notice before work starts. The licensed installer must be on site when inspection is being done. As-Builts are to be given to the Septic Inspector at the time of the tank and/or drain field inspection or sent to the Inspector within 21 days of the final inspection.  A $50.00 fine may be imposed if as-built not received within the 21 days.  If installer provides proper notice and Sibley County does not provide inspection within 2 hours after time set, the installer may complete that portion of the work without an inspection. The installer shall then include photographs of the uncovered system, and is required to schedule any and all required inspections as needed to complete the system.

10 - Once necessary inspections are complete, the Sibley County Septic Inspector submits copies of the paperwork to Sibley County and a Certificate of Compliance is issued by Sibley County.