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Medications in School

Medication should be scheduled around the school hours to avoid the need to bring medications into the school building if at all possible. 
Under usual circumstances, NO medications (including over the counter medications) will be given to your child by school personnel.
If a prescription needs to be taken during school hours, the following procedures are followed:
  • ORIGINAL BOTTLE:  Medication must be sent in the original bottle with the name of the medication, how often it is to be taken, amount of the dosage, physician's name, and the name and telephone number of the pharmacy on the label.  If you know your child will need to take the medication in school, you can request a second bottle from your pharmacist to send to school.
  • PERMISSION TO ADMINISTER MEDICATION AT SCHOOL:  This form needs to be completed for students who need to take medication during the school day.  Please contact the nurse for one of these forms or print one here.
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