The entire ordinance shall be known as the "Sibley County Code".  The Sibley County code is enacted for the following purposes:

  • to promote the health, safety and public welfare
  • to safeguard the best interests of Sibley County
  • to bring together various ordinances passed over a period of time
  • to create a comprehensive code containing the various ordinances adopted by Sibley County that will be available to the public and will be maintained
  • to not change the existing ordinances, unless state laws have changed so that the ordinances need to be changed

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  • Article 100
    "General Provisions"
  • Article 300
    "Zoning Ordinance"
  • Article 320
    "Subdivision Ordinance"
  • Article 330
    "Buffer Ordinance"
  • Article 500
    "Enhanced 9-1-1 Ordinance"
  • Article 510
    "Open Burning Ordinance"
  • Article 520
    "Sibley County Parks Ordinance"
  • Article 530
    "Exhibition Driving Ordinance"
  • Article 540
    "Regulations For Large Assemblies Ordinance"
  • Article 550
    "Liquor Ordinance"
  • Article 700
    "Cleanup of Clandestine Drug Lab Sites Ordinance"
  • Article 710
    "Tobacco Ordinance"
  • Article 720
    "Solid Waste Management Service Fee Ordinance"
  • Article 730
    "Solid Waste Ordinance"
  • Article 800
    "Aggregate Removal Tax Ordinance"
  • Article 810
    "Individual Sewage Treatment System Loan Program Ordinance"
  • Article 820
    "Management of the Public Right-of-Way Ordinance"
  • Article 830
    "Consolidation of Duties of the Offices of Sibley County Auditor and Sibley County Treasurer Prior to Statutory Combination
  • Article 900
    "Repealer/Severability/Penalties/Enforcement/Effective Date Ordinance"