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Under the general direction of the County board, the County Administrator performs overall countywide leadership and managerial work and serves as the top administrative officer of the County. The Administrator is responsible for the implementation of County Board ordinances, resolutions, regulations and policies for the administration and direction of all departments and functions of government under the jurisdiction of the County Board. The County Administrator is also the director of SEDCO (Sibley County Economic Development Commission).

 Duties of this office include: 

  • Preparing the agenda, minutes and related documents for Commissioners’ meetings;
  • Responsible for preparation of the county budget and capital improvement plan;
  • Supervisor of all county institutions and agencies and of non-elected department heads;
  • Represents the County in intergovernmental relationships and collaborations at local, regional, State and Federal levels;
  • Labor Negotiations, and long term planning.





 Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

400 Court Ave
PO Box 256
Gaylord, MN  55334 

Located in the Courthouse Second Floor



Roxy Traxler
(507) 237-7800

FAX:  507-237-4358 

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