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Sibley County Auditor's Office
Attn: Finance
400 Court Ave, PO Box 171
Gaylord, MN 55334
Phone:  (507) 237-4070
Fax: (507) 237-4073
Email:  Finance@co.sibley.mn.us

The Finance Division in the Office of the Sibley County Auditor is accountable for all phases of county finances, such as:               

  • Plan, prepare, direct, and coordinate the Comprehensive Annual report
  • Financial Planning both long and short term
  • Debt Financing
  • Maintain all Finance/Accounting policies
  • Maintain all Finance/Accounting records
  • Maintain, administer, and evaluate accounting and reporting systems, procedures, and standards Countywide
  • Maintain Capital Assets inventory
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Maintain the County's Financial Software
  • Fiscal Agent Services
  • Oversee county purchasing
  • Provide analysis of current financial trends as they relate to the overall strategic plan of the county
  • Provide direction, guidance, advice, analysis, and assistance to county departments and election officials on financial matters
Updated Sibley County Claim Form

Vendor ACH/Direct Deposit Form

W-9 Tax Form

Sibley County Aggregate Removal Tax Information
 2018 Removal Tax Reporting Form
Sibley County Aggregate Removal Tax Ordinance 
Gravel Tax Distribution Report
2017 Aggregate Tax Summary Report
2018 Aggregate Tax Summary Report - Updated 1st Qtr

   Financial Statements*


2016 Financial Statement   2014 Library Financial Statement
2015 Financial Statement   2013 Library Financial Statement
2014 Financial Statement   2012 Library Financial Statement
2013 Financial Statement   2011 Library Financial Statement
2012 Financial Statement   2010 Library Financial Statement
2011 Financial Statement   2009 Library Financial Statement
2010 Financial Statement    
2009 Financial Statement    
2008 Financial Statement       
2007 Financial Statement       
2006 Financial Statement     
*Effective 2015, Library Financial Statements included with County Financial Statements

  Annual Budget**  
2015 Countywide Budget   2011 Countywide Budget
2014 Countywide Budget   2010 Countywide Budget
2013 Countywide Budget   2009 Countywide Budget
2012 Countywide Budget   2008 Countywide Budget

 **Effective 2016, county-wide budgets were moved to Sibley County Admin Department



            Debt Schedule             
2016 Debt Schedule 2014 Debt Schedule 2010 Debt Schedule
2015 Debt Schedule  2013 Debt Schedule 2009 Debt Schedule
   2012 Debt Schedule 2008 Debt Schedule
   2011 Debt Schedule 2007 Debt Schedule


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