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Arlington commercial properties available:

Map of available sites in Arlington

108 NW 5th Avenue, Arlington

407 NE 4th Avenue, Arlington

Highway 5 Commercial Properties, Arlington 

Industrial Lots - Arlington EDA Industrial Park 

104 1st Avenue N, Arlington 

512 2nd Avenue NW, Arlington 

307 5th Avenue NW, Arlington 

Gaylord commercial properties available:

233 4th Street, Gaylord

516 Main Avenue, Gaylord

3rd Street SE and Railroad Avenue, Gaylord - Shovel Ready Site

230 Jefferson Avenue East, Gaylord

119 4th Street, Gaylord

212 3rd Street, Gaylord

810 Main Ave. East, Gaylord

South of Lincoln Ave. East of City Land    http://melroproperties.com/

Gibbon commercial properties available:

640 E 11th Street, Gibbon

1043 1st Avenue, Gibbon

1048 1st Avenue, Gibbon

1049 1st Avenue, Gibbon

1021 1st Avenue, Gibbon

Green Isle commercial properties available:

Green Isle Commercial Lots Policy

West Church Street, Green Isle

HWY 5 and 2nd Street, Green Isle

Henderson commerical properties avaiable:

123 8th Street, Henderson

New Auburn commercial properties available:

7th Avenue, New Auburn

6372 6th Avenue, New Auburn

7292 & 8299 3rd Street, New Auburn

Winthrop properties available:

Winthrop Land Inventory - 23 different parcels; contact Winthrop EDA Director Mark Erickson at 507-240-1130 for more information on parcels owned by the City or EDA. 

313 N Redwood Street, Winthrop

E Grant Street, Winthrop

301 West 2nd Street, Winthrop

To see all shovel ready sites available in Sibley County click here.

To see the building listings on Location One click here.

To see the site listings on Location One click here.
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