History of the County Attorney's Office

The first election for county attorney (then called a district attorney) was in 1856.  In October 1856 the name of Jesse Ayer, a 26 year old Canadian, was on the ballot.  He was elected as District Attorney, but never took office.  He had left in August for Monongalia County (now called Kandiyohi County).  He was one of the developers of Columbia (now called Spicer).  His family returned to Henderson at the time of the Indian Conflict of 1862.  Because Mr. Ayer left, his office was filled by appointment of M. J. Severance.

Those known to have served and the years of office are as follows:

M.J Severance  1857-1858
 Elijah Perry   1858-1861 
 Thomas Russell  1862-1864 
 Francis Belfoy   1864 
 Daniel Pickit  1865-1868 
  Edmund Neff  1869-1872 
  Daniel Pickit  1873-1875 
 Samuel Fowler   1875-1880 
 Sylvester Kipp   1881-1883 
 William Leeman   1883-1884 
 Sylvester Kipp   1885-1887 
 William Leeman   1887-1892 
 E.H. Huebner   1893-1906 
 Charles Quandt   1906-1914 
 A.L. Young   1914-1916 
 C.H. MacKenzie  1917-1922
 O.S. Vesta  1923-1926
 H.H. Bonniwell, Jr.  1927-1937
 Charles W. Quandt 1938
 Everett L. Young  1939-1950
 R.G. Williamson  1951-1963
 William P. Scott  1963-1967
 Raphael J. Miller  1967-1978
 Thomas G. McCarthy  1979-1988
 David E. Schauer  1988-

Sibley County Attorney Schauer is the longest serving Sibley County Attorney.  As of Febrauary 2019 he will have served 31 years as Sibley County Attorney.  He is also the first full time county attorney for Sibley County.  In the State of Minnesota, he is currently the third longest active county attorney.  He has served Sibley County since 1982.