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8:00 - 4:30
Monday - Friday

400 Court Avenue
PO Box 171
Gaylord, MN  55334
David E. Schauer, Attorney

Theschauer1 Sibley County Attorney's Office became a full-time county attorney’s office as of December 1, 2018.  David E. Schauer is the duly elected Sibley County Attorney.  He has served in that capacity since February 12, 1988, when he was appointed.  The office is filled by election, unless it is vacated in mid-term and then a replacement is appointed by the County Board.


Under the direction of the County Attorney, the office is responsible for providing necessary legal representation in criminal matters, civil matters, juvenile matters, and child protection matters;  providing representation to county departments and legal advice concerning county legislative matters; and providing assistance and support in law enforcement training.  For reimbursement rate for Attorney’s fees and costs pursuant to Minn. Stat. §611.27 for 2021 click HERE.

The physical location of the office is on the Second Floor of the Courthouse Annex.

David Schauer, County Attorney

Don Lannoye, Assistant County Attorney

Stamate Skliris, Assistant County Attorney

McKenzie A. Borth, Victim Witness Coordinator/Office Manager

Susi K. Hillesheim, Legal Assistant

Krystle Weymann, Bookkeeper/Legal Assistant