When will I receive my tax statement?
You will receive your tax statement once a year. By law, all tax statements must be mailed out by March 31. Mobile Home tax statements must be mailed by July 15.  We do not mail second half statements. 

Taxpayers are responsible for the payment of their property taxes;  this is not affected by a failure of the county to provide a statement for a parcel.                    

Why did I get a statement if I escrow my taxes?

Tax Statements are mailed to the property owners regardless if you escrow your taxes or pay them yourself.  Your escrow company receives your tax information from our office.  You need your tax statement for tax filing purposes and property tax refunds if applicable.
What if I buy property after statements are mailed?
If you purchase property after the Tax Statement has been mailed, the Auditor-Treasurer's office will mail a copy to you. You will receive this copy regardless if you are escrowing your taxes or paying them yourself. If you do not receive this copy of the Tax Statement, please contact the Auditor-Treasurer's office.       

What if I get a statement for property I sold?

Please forward the tax statement to the new owners as they will need it to pay the property taxes.
I just bought property, who pays the taxes?

In a typical real estate transaction, taxes are prorated and the buyer is given credit for the seller portion;  however, each transaction is different.  Please check your closing statement or contact the realtor or attorney who handled the transaction for you.  Any delinquent taxes must be paid at closing, but the current taxes do not.  To avoid any penalty, the taxes must be paid May 15th and October 15th (or November 15 for ag).  Please contact the Auditor-Treasurer's office for status of the taxes       

Can I get a copy of my statement if I lose it?

A copy of your Tax Statement can be obtained online or from the Auditor-Treasurer's office.            

How do I change my address for my statement?

Fill in the new information on the back of your payment stubs when you make your next payment.  You could also call or mail your new address to the Auditor-Treasurer's Office.          

When are my Property Taxes due?

Your tax statement indicates when your payment are due, or click here to see the payment schedule.

Do you accept postmark date?
Yes. Your mailed tax payment must be postmarked by the due date for it to be considered paid on time. Note: if your payment is mailed late in the day on the due date, after regular post office hours, the postmark will be for the next day and you will be responsible for the penalty.              

Is there a grace period for paying my property taxes?

There is no grace period when paying your property taxes.           

Can I pay my taxes with a credit card?

We accept tax payments by Credit Card made through an independent payment company.  There will be a nominal fee for this service.  You can make credit card payments over the counter at the Auditor-Treasurer's Office, using the internet or by calling a toll free number.  Click here for more information.

Can I make partial payments to my property taxes?

The Auditor-Treasurer's Office accepts partial payments on property taxes.  A person making partial payments should be aware that the due dates still apply and any portion of the tax not paid by the due date is subject to the penalty assessment.              

Can I write one check if I get moer than one bill?

You may add the amount due on all your parcels and write one check for the total.  Please be sure to include the payment stubs for all your tax bills.                

What if my total tax due is less than $100.00?

Starting in 2011, if your total tax bill is $100.00 or less, the total amount is due when you would normally pay the first half (May 15 for Real Estate). 

Mobile Home tax less than $50.00 is due in full August 31.                

What happens if I pay my Property Taxes late?

By State Law, the Auditor-Treasurer's office is required to charge a late fee.  To figure the amount of your penalty, click here for the penalty schedule or call the Auditor-Treasurer's office for the amount.

Will I receive a reminder if my taxes are not paid?
The Sibley County Auditor-Treasurer's office sends out courtesy letters when taxes are not paid.  Letters are mailed in June and December to all property owners where taxes have not been paid and includes the amount of penalty as calculated according to the penalty schedule.                

When will my name appear in the paper?

The Delinquent Tax list is printed in the newspaper in March each year.  Any property taxes not paid before January 1 are considered delinquent.  Delinquent notices are sent out by the Auditor-Treasurer's Office, notifying you of the last day to pay to avoid printing and the amount due.                   

Am I eligible for a Property Tax refund?

To determine if you are eligible for the Property Tax Refund, you must complete form M1PR.  The M1PR form is available in the Auditor-Treasurer's office, or you may call the State of Minnesota at 651-296-4444.  You can also download the form and other tax-related information from the Minnesota Dept of Revenue website.           

What do I need to do before I MOVE my Mobile Home?

You need a Mobile Home Statement from the Auditor-Treasurer's office.  It states that all delinquent and current taxes are paid in full.  Any taxes not paid will need to be paid before the mobile home can be moved.  Contact the Auditor-Treasurer's office for more information.      

What do I need to do when I SELL my Mobile Home?

Property taxes on any mobile home need to be paid before the title can be transferred.  If your mobile home still has a title, you are responsible for transferring it.  You may still be liable for the property taxes if the title isn't transferred.