Payment Options

Sibley County has several options for paying your property taxes.  We encourage you to pay online or via mail if at all possible.

Credit Card Payments
Property taxes can be paid with your credit card online or by phone.  You will be charged a nominal fee for this service - 2.35% of the total amount or $1.50 minimum.

Click here for more information to pay online. Any payments completed before midnight on the tax due date will be debited to that day's business. logo_visa_1_   MC_logo_1_    logo_discover_financial_services_1_

If you aren't certain if your property taxes are escrowed, contact your mortgage company or lending institution.

This Office Accepts Partial Payments:  If you are unable to pay your full amount due in one payment, you may make partial payments at any time and your payment will be applied to your tax bill. The total first half amount is still due by May 15 and the total second half amount in the fall (Oct or Nov 15), but the penalty will accrue only on the unpaid balance.

NOTICE:  Please include ALL tax statements (stubs) when making payments. We are not responsible for omitted properties if you do not bring in your statements. Payments are posted individually with the parcel ID numbers that appear on the statement stubs.