Compliance Inspections

A compliance inspection on a septic system is required when any one of the following conditions occurs:

  • At any time the Department deems appropriate, such as receiving a complaint or other information of system failure; 
  • The addition of a bedroom on the property, to assure that the existing system can accommodate the additional bedroom;
  • At any time a zoning permit is applied for in the Shoreland District; and,
  • At any time the owner of a tract of land which contains a septic system is sold or transfers ownership where the transaction requires an ECRV (electronic certificate of Real Estate Value)                                                                            

All compliance inspections must be conducted and signed by licensed septic contractor.

Completed Compliance Inspection Forms should be submitted to the Property Assessing & Zoning Department each time an inspection is conducted on a property.

Certificates of Compliance for existing systems shall remain valid for a maximum of three years from the date of issue.

If the septic system is non-compliant and deemed an imminent threat to public health safety, the system must be replaced within ten (10) months.

If the septic system is non-compliant and deemed as failing to protect groundwater, the system must be replaced within three (3) years.