Family Health

Our Family Health Team provides for the needs of growing families in Sibley County.

The Family Health Team offers special programs for pregnant women, families with new babies, and families with young children.

A nurse and a visitor will meet with you in your home to help you become the parent you always wanted to be for your children. Visits can start while you are pregnant, or just after your baby is born and can continue until your child enters school.

A public health nurse or home visitor will help you by:

  • Assisting during a pregnancy to provide healthy babies
  • Checking a newborn and postpartum mother
  • Answering questions about infant care, immunizations, and breastfeeding
  • Giving you resources to make your job as a parent easier
  • Supporting and guiding you in your efforts to give the best to your children
  • Providing information on a child's growth and development
  • Teaching about nutrition, health care, discipline, and self esteem

For more information on this free program, please call (507) 237-4000.