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8:00 - 4:30
Monday - Friday

400 Court Ave
PO Box 51
Gaylord, MN  55334

Temp Location
1st Floor
Courthouse Annex
Marilee Peterson, Auditor-Treasurer 
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  • The County Treasurer is responsible for the mailing and collection of over 12,000 tax statements annually. Sibley County collected over $29,000,000 in 2017. The funds collected are then distributed to the appropriate taxing districts.
  • The County Treasurer is responsible for investment of all county surplus funds, designation of depositories, serves as the custodian of all county funds and cash assets, and handles all funds received and/or disbursed by the county. The Treasurer must countersign all warrant checks issued by the county.
  • Other functions include mailing of Truth in Taxation notices, sale of county maps and plat books, tax information and searches, escrow of tax payments, property tax refund assistance and reconciling of all bank accounts.

Tara Ernst, Assistant Treasurer
Tina Vinkemeier, Deputy Treasurer

Treasurer Department staff may be contacted by calling 507-237-4084 or email