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Goals of the Parks, Trails and Open Spaces
Goal #1:  Create a County Park, Trail and Open Space System that is well maintained, adequately funded and serves a range of recreational users, limits conflict between uses, protects habitat, water, woodland, and other significant natural resources.

  • Continue to acquire land as needed to provide a minimum of 25-acres per 1,000-person standard within Sibley County park system.
  • Search for land appropriate to the intended recreational use.
  • Pursue grants from federal, state and regional agencies to obtain funding for park and open space planning, acquisition, and administration.
  • Coordinate park system efforts with other functional and governing agency plans.
  • Continue to provide for regular operations and maintenance of existing parks and trails through the annual budget.
Goal #2:  Assure that private development will adhere to County standards for parks, trails and/or open space preservation.

  • Maintain zoning and subdivision regulations that provide for and encourage the continued development of parks, open space, trails, and recreational opportunities.
  • Apply official controls, such as parkland dedication requirements, to ensure that appropriate parkland is provided with new developments.
  • Evaluate the quality and usability of land for parks, trails and open space proposed for parkland dedication by developer.
Goal #3:  Provide convenient and accessible recreation sites and facilities for county residents.

  • The County shall strive to locate any new County Park to serve the needs of residents located in the central portion of the County. 
Goal #4:  Provide accessibility to all parks and trails within the system.

  • Construct or upgrade recreational facilities that will meet or exceed ADA requirements for accessibility.
  • Establish a procedure for reviewing accessibility compliance of new park facility construction designs.
 Goal #5:  Protect open space within the system to preserve sensitive wildlife habitat, protect aesthetic
               views, and provide interconnecting green corridors throughout the area.

  • Work cooperatively with communities, other public agencies, citizen groups and land owners to develop an integrated open space system.
  • Protect open space areas from unnecessary encroachment or destruction from neighboring properties.
  • Protect and manage publicly owned open spaces within the County.
  • Maintain and develop natural corridors to foster ecosystem continuity and biological diversity and provide connections to the parks and open space.
 Goal #6:  Provide County residents and visitors with a countywide interconnected trail system that meets
               recreation and transportation needs.

  • Develop a countywide trail system utilizing and encouraging alternative modes of transportation.
  • Cooperate with Sibley County communities and adjacent counties to coordinate trail system connections.
  • Cooperate with state, regional, and trail groups in the formulation of an area comprehensive system trail plan.
  • Review trail design and maintenance practices to ensure consistency in approved designs and functionality.
  • Identify and utilize rights-of-way for trail purposes.
  • Integrate the trail system with green (environmental) corridors while avoiding impact to sensitive areas.
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