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Rush River Clean Water Partnership

The overall goal of the Clean Water Partnership (CWP) is to improve and protect water quality and quantity in the Rush River Watershed through the promotion and installation of targeted measurable Best Management Practices (BMPs), as well as education and outreach opportunities. The project will aim to foster watershed stewardship among residents of the RRW to achieve a legacy beyond the life of the continuation grant.

To improve water quality in the RRW, we offer a variety of cost-share and incentives for BMPs. Practices include open intake alternatives (slotted risers, rock tile inlets, dense pattern tiling), structural practices (water & sediment control basins, terraces, diversions, grade control structures), cover crops, vegetative practices (wetland restorations, filter strips, riparian buffers, grassed waterways), storm water management practices (rain gardens, rain barrels) and septic system upgrades.

BMP Accomplishments during the CWP:

  • Cover Crop: 20 contracts -2,682.54 acres
  • CRP Filter Strips: 28 contracts -185.2 acres
  • Wetland Restorations: 4 contracts for 79.4 acres
  • 3 Structural practices
  • 299 Open intake alternatives
  • 100 Rain barrels
  • 2 Rain gardens
  • 52 Septic system upgrades
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