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Due Dates for Property Taxes

Your mailed payment must be postmarked by the due date, or a penalty will apply.
Property Taxes are due on the following dates:
REAL ESTATE: First Half is due May 15
PERSONAL PROPERTY: Total amount is due May 15
REAL ESTATE: Commercial - Second Half is due October 15
REAL ESTATE: Residential - Second Half is due October 15 *
REAL ESTATE: Agricultural - Second Half is due November 15
MOBILE HOME: First Half is due August 31
MOBILE HOME: Second Half is due November 15
If the tax due date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the next business day is the due date.
Note: Starting in 2011, if your Real Estate tax amount is $100 and under,
          the full amount is due on the first half payment date.
  Your first half tax stub on your statement will have the full amount due,
                     your second half tax stub will be blank.
For Mobile Homes, if the tax is under $50, the full amount is due August 31.
*Check your tax statement to verify if your property is classified as Residential or Agricultural.
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