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The stubs and return envelopes

The bottom portion of the tax statement includes two tax stubs to be used when paying your property taxes.
The bottom stub is to be used for the May 15 - 1st half payment while the upper stub is for the 2nd half payment.
If your total Real Estate tax is $100 or less, your tax is due in full on May 15
                 (mobile homes - tax of $50 or less is due Aug 31).
                                 Use only the first tax stub.
          The second stub will not have a dollar amount printed on it.
Use your tax stubs when paying your property tax, as this assures your payment goes to the proper tax parcel.  If you own more than one property, you will receive more than one tax statement.
Please include all stubs when paying. You may write one check for multiple parcels.
Use the space provided on the back of the payment stub to indicate an address change.
Also included with the statement are return envelopes with windows. Make sure the Treasurer's address on the tax stub shows in the window. Please affix proper postage to your envelopes.
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