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Truth in Taxation Notices

The Treasurer's office is responsible for mailing the Proposed Tax notices. By law, the notices have to be mailed between Nov. 10 and Nov. 24.
The purpose of the Proposed Notice is to certify the proposed levies, and notify taxpayers of public hearings, dates and times.
Other information included on the Proposed Notice form:
 - Telephone numbers and addressses for the county, city or township, and school district in case taxpayers have questions or want to comment on the proposed taxes.
 - Taxable Market Values for taxes payable in both the current year and the following year as they appear on the Assessor's records as of Nov. 1.
 - The notice must state if the property is homestead or nonhomestead. Taxpayers have until December 1 to establish use as a homestead.
 - The actual taxes for the current year and the proposed tax amounts must be shown in separate columns on the notice by the following breakouts:
     County; City or Township; State tax; Voter approved school levies;
     Other local school levies; Sum of special taxing districts;
     Tax increment tax; Fiscal disparity tax; Total of all.
 - The percentage change in the total taxes payable from the current year to the proposed year.
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