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Sibley County Watersheds

Sibley County has parts of six different watersheds within its borders (map of watersheds). Two watersheds, the High Island Creek and Rush River, comprise a majority of the surface area of Sibley County. Rush River Watershed, the larger of the two, drains approximately 300 square miles of land across the middle and southern portions of the county. The High Island Creek Watershed drains roughly 239 square miles in the far northwest and northern parts of Sibley County. Both watersheds eventually drain into the Minnesota River.

For more information about each watershed, cost-share funding available for specific conservation practices, and the Federal 319 Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Grant to reduce pollutants in Sibley County's waterways, visit the web links for each watershed found on the left hand side of this page.




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Sibley County Soil & Water Conservation
District Office

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Ron Otto
Watershed Technician
(507) 702-7077



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